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 The Rules- Zindux

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PostSubject: The Rules- Zindux   4/21/2008, 9:42 pm

We are now getting more members.

The rules

  • Don't be stupid
  • Use proper text
  • Don't spam too much
  • Use only one account
  • Be cool
  • Use good grammar
  • No advertising (includes PM advertising aswell)
  • No mini-modding
  • No Really Big Signatures
  • Don't post in bot/spam threads

No Mini-Modding. Mini-Modding is when one user confronts another user for breaking a rule inside of the forums.
The Ripping of an animation will result in a permanent ban.
Any posts deemed against the rules will be subject to deletion.
Continually breaking the rules will subject you to banning
We only allow a modest link in sigs, anything more itll be removed. No advertisement topics are allowed.
Bumping is ok if you post something relevant. Something like; "bump","ok", and other irrelevant posts are against the rule.

I don't want to have to ban anyone, but if you leave me no choice I will not hesitate to do so.

Don't understand the rules? Well, PM a mod or admin.

PRMS wrote:
If a mod gives you too many warnings, it is possible that another mod can decide that it is unfair and warnings can be removed.
However, if it is fair, and you get too many warnings, you will get temporarily banned/perminantly banned.

If you want to appeal a warning, PM any mod/ admin, and we can evaluate your request.
We'll be glad to help.

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The Rules- Zindux
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