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 ~~Art Gallery Rules~~

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PostSubject: ~~Art Gallery Rules~~   3/26/2008, 10:19 am

Art Theft:

We do not look kindly at art theft. That means absolutely no taking someone elseís work and using it as your own. That means you can't use someone elseís art for a contest or for one of your pictures. Remember to ask first! Do not use another person's work without permission first, and always remember to give credit where credit is due. Donít lie about it. "My cousins made it for me", isn't a good excuse. Either make it yourself or don't post it at all. Art theft isn't taken lightly, and it will get you a double warning or a ban.

"Don't be a hater"

Don't flame what you don't understand. In this case, it's art. Don't just say, "That sucks!" or "I could make better art with a barrel of squid guts and a flaming match." It will count as flaming and will not be tolerated. If you have nothing helpful to say, then navigate away from the page.


If they're not taking requests, then they're not taking requests! Just wait until the artist is okay with it and then make a request. If theyíve never made mention that theyíll take requests, then they arenít, donít bother pestering them.
Note: If they turn a request down, then donít bother pestering them about it. They do this as a helpful service, they do not owe you an outcome just because you request it. They probably have a valid reason for doing so, and most people will state that reason.

No Request Threads:

If you want something, find someone who is taking requests, who you know can do a decent job. Remember to credit them. Do not post a topic requesting something, it will be deleted, and you will be warned.

"False Accusations"

Try to be 99.9% sure when you're accusing someone of stealing.

"Personal Art"

If the artist has said that they do not wish for the artwork to be redistributed in any way, then don't bother doing it. Just leave it alone.


It is true, you can also put your poetry here, and only here.

Same Gender Art:
Art displaying two humans of the same gender which are embracing one another is allowed. Art displaying two humans of the same gender which are not dressed as a typical female or male is allowed. Art displaying these two humans of the same gender kissing, groping, and/or giving each other piggy back rides is not allowed.
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~~Art Gallery Rules~~
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