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 Forum Game Rules and Instructions

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PostSubject: Forum Game Rules and Instructions   3/26/2008, 10:20 am


1. No offensive language in forum games

2. When posting in a thread, characters must be more than 5

3. No spamming, flaming or asking for personal information

Making a forum game

1. Must have a good title(e.g: Bad titles: awesome game, try this game!)

2. Must have neat, organized description and instructions of your forum game

Making a forum game

First, you need to think of the game, second, you need to give the instructions. This is an example:

Quote :
Example of a forum game:
Title of thread: Vending Machine Game

To play you decide what comes out for the person who posted last, then you insert whatever you want. (Example: Person1: Inserts coin, Person2: Out comes a penny, Inserts paper)

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Forum Game Rules and Instructions
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