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 Animation Tutorials

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PostSubject: Animation Tutorials   3/27/2008, 6:19 am


Fraz and Nev’s mini-tuts
-A great resource for anyone beginner to veteran.

CM96’ Tuts
-Just like Invisible’s tuts, but with the awesome CM96 twist.

Tdawg And Bios Noobtorials
-A little help for newer pivot users to understand some methods of movement.

Random Santa’s General Tutorial
-A fairly short tutorial that can help you tons.

Flashed tuts Database
-A couple of pivot tutorials presented in flash by multiple users.

CHA-POW's (and -daCman-'s) Ultimate Sword-Fighting Tutorial!
-Good tut on the basics of sword techniques.

Stick Making

Spike-the-Dude's Idiot’s Guide to Stick Making
-An easy tutorial to follow that can teach you how to make an excellently detailed Signature Stick.

Jakek9s stick tut
-Good stick making tut and resource for beginners.

Kyrin's Super Uber Stick Tut
-So basically one of the best stick makers took time out for you noobs and graced you with his awesomeness. You'll never be better than kyrin. Don't even try.

Art Tutorials

Masterfurbix’s Photoshop Tutorials
-An awesome tutorial for photoshop users to learn how to draw faces.

Fraz’s Photoshop Tutorial
-Fraz’s explanation for photoshop tags.

The Ultimate Photoshop Interface Guide
-MF tells you the buttons and various other things you need to know to use Photoshop.

Renders List
-Not a tutorial, but a good resource for finding good renders to use.

Miscellaneous Tutorials

EB’s BBCode Tutorial
-A REALLY helpful tutorial that can help you master BBcode.

Nev’s Tutorial on how to Make Your Computer Smecksy
-All you need to know to make your computer pimpin’.

Pivot Jargon
-All the vocabulary you need to know to understand comments here.

Ultimate Newcomer tut
-All new people should read.

Animation Layout
-A nice way to layout your animations on your thread.

Collab, joint, and comp making tutorial!
-In-dept explanation on how to organize any collab, joint, or competition.

If anyone sees a good tut, pm me and I will add it to the list.[/quote]
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PostSubject: Re: Animation Tutorials   4/15/2008, 10:13 am

Shouldn't this be stickied or something lol.
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Animation Tutorials
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