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 Zindux Forum Rules(READ)

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PostSubject: Zindux Forum Rules(READ)   3/27/2008, 6:22 am



If you do not obey the rules, these are the consequences that may result:

First: Warning

Second: Warning

Third: 5 Day ban

Fourth: 2 Week ban

Fifth: Permanent Ban

Sixth: I.P. BAN

Forum Rules

1. Do not flame, spam, or flood

2. Do not overuse smilies(This means less than 5 smilies per post)

3. Do not use offensive language, or any foul language.

4. Minimum characters is 5(This means there has to be at least 5 characters per post)

5. No copying people's artwork(This means if someone else makes an image, and you steal and claim it to be yours, there will be a consequence)


Extra: By Sambob


The rules

Don't be stupid
Use proper text
Don't spam too much
Use only one account
Be cool
Use good grammar
No advertising (includes PM advertising aswell)
No mini-modding
No Really Big Signatures
Don't post in bot/spam threads
No Mini-Modding. Mini-Modding is when one user confronts another user for breaking a rule inside of the forums.
The Ripping of an animation will result in a permanent ban.
Any posts deemed against the rules will be subject to deletion.
Continually breaking the rules will subject you to banning
We only allow a modest link in sigs, anything more itll be removed. No advertisement topics are allowed.
Bumping is ok if you post something relevant. Something like; "bump","ok", and other irrelevant posts are against the rule.

I don't want to have to ban anyone, but if you leave me no choice I will not hesitate to do so.

Don't understand the rules? Well, PM a mod or admin.
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Zindux Forum Rules(READ)
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