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 Iedeas from Droidz

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PostSubject: Iedeas from Droidz   3/27/2008, 8:12 am

Quote :
Name: The Blade Of Ice
Uses: Ability to Freeze there opponent if stabbed in the stomach
Extra: Must be level 80 to equip (If you have levels)

Name:Dragonflame Amulet
Uses: Spawns a dragon to take you to safety
Extra: Need to complete the _____ quest (IF you have quests)

Quote :
Well i was thinking that there is a national currency like gp but have like the water village currency, fire village currency etc. just a dumb little thing i was thinkin bout soon as i read this post

Quote :
Name: Balthazar
Type: Fire
Places: Any Place That is Made Out Of Fire
Extra (Desc.): A giant fire like monster it lurks in darkness, fires up to 5 fireballs in 2 seconds.

Quote :
Place Name: fire realm(cave and theres 5 lvl's untill you reach the realm with the fire kind)(if theres lvls must be lvl 10 to enter) (Mountain)
Type: fire
Main Monster: Sparks(little monsters but in HUGE groups so kinda hard to beat if your only lvl 10)
Items Here: Fire orb,fire staff,fire heart(quest item),Fire Armour(not the best tho),(if you beat the fire king you get)Fire Weapons(2 swords 2 shields and must be lvl 15 to wear)
Extra:theres 5 lvls in the whole relm
lvl1=small monsters(1-5dmg)lvl10
lvl2=giants(1-10 dmg)lvl15
lvl3=huge fire giants(5-20 dmg)lvl20
lvl4=flying fire imps(5-35 dmg)lvl 29

lvl5=sparks(15-50 dmg-little monsters but in 10-20sparks in that group)lvl 35
lvl5Boss=bigger sized spark(30-80dmg-only 1 lol)lvl 50
the ground for lvl1-2-3-4 just darkish redish cave and for boss stage-a little bath to an island surrounded by lava

hope this helped
Name:Fire Giants
Type: Fire
Places: Fire Island(close to fire realm just gotto walk to the next place)
Extra (Desc.):has dead tree's and dead redish grass with houses/tents/ect

hope this helped

Name: Fire Armour(legs,chest,arms,helmet
Uses: Water/Electricity/fire protection-protects you from 1-80 W/E/F spells and stuff(must be lvl 50 to wear it/it be better if i knew what top lvl is but 75%(depends on what top lvl is)chance to protect you from W/E/F)
Extra:its found in the house of the fire island/country king(must fight with him and win-not to the death tho just to get his HP pretty low)

hope this helped

fire island:deep in the wood it clears out and there the fire kingdom where the king is
fire realm:past the kingdom a forbidden place TO water users
fire kingdom:inside it is where some shops/king/queen/prince/princess/crafting help/alot of skill help
you get free newbie Armour=) fire Armour(protects you from water 25% chance you block a shot-1-10 dmg protection)

I realy hope this helped you alot=)
and i am totally going to play this game whene you get this done!

lol request:if you use our stuff can you make us like mods or something if we play game?(no credit needed for me)

Quote :
Starting Town/ Training Town(Continued) Items:

Name:T Shirt
Uses:A starting Top Armor for Males
Extra:Adds a Plus 2 Aggilty

Uses: A starting Botom armor for Males
Extra:Adds a Plus 1 Health

Both Genders

Name: Simple Sword
Uses: A starting Weapon(Can be choosed between 2 Weapons at Start)
Extra:No extras

Uses: Shoes for Any Gender
Extra:No Extras


Name: Tank Top
Uses: A starting Top armor for Females
Extra: Plus 2 Defetion Rate

Name: Skirt
Uses: A starting Botom armor for Females
Extra:Plus 1 Top Damage

Any thing else about the Training town will be thought of Later.

P.S. Am i like part of the designing team or something?

Ill update more.
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Iedeas from Droidz
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